learn how to sew quilt blocks together

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 learn how to sew quilt blocks together  Generally blocks are square, although they can be any shape the quilt maker wants them to be – rectangles, triangles, hexagons, diamonds;
Quilts are usually made with the same shape block throughout, however, it is possible to include more than one shape block in a quilt.

jenniferworthen / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Quilt blocks are made up of smaller units – or patches. Since there is no set number of patches in a block, the design of the block is created with the placement of the shapes in the patches and the colors of fabric used in each shape. A very common quilt block is a nine patch – a simple square block made up of 9 smaller squares  because this block is so easy to make, it is one of the more popular quilt blocks for beginning quilters. All of the stitching is along straight edges, and all of the patches are the same size.

Using four basic shapes, you can make hundreds of different quilt blocks. As a beginning quilter, it is a good idea to start with these four basic shapes.

jillyspoon / Foter / CC BY-ND

 a square is a shape that has four sides, all of equal length, and with 90° angles in the corners.

Rectangles are similar to squares, because they have four sides and their corners are 90° angles.
The difference is that  the shape has two long sides and two shorter sides

This is a triangle that is made by cutting a square in half diagonally  The long side of the triangle is generally cut on the bias.

These triangles are made by cutting a square into quarters, dividing it across the diagonals.
While half square triangles and quarter square triangles look the same, they are a slightly different size, and not interchangeable with each other.

Once you understand and can sew these basic patch shapes, it is easy to sew blocks that look very complicated.

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