Learn beginning quilting tips

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Learn beginning quilting tips be sure your machine is set up to sew a perfect quarter inch seam.Either by buying a 1/4 inch pressor foot or by adjusting your machine needle to 1/4 inch from edge of the pressor foot your using and then using the edge as a guide.

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Good tools is important. Sharp rotary cutter, a mat large enough to accommodate the type of cutting you will be doing, preview fabric/color choices but don’t become frustrated when fabric and/or pattern choices don’t look the way you envisioned them.You will find just the combination you are looking for

gertvr / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

adjust stitch length first by taking a couple of scraps of the fabrics Using contrasting threads in the top and bobbin, I sew an inch or two, then stop and count the stitches per inch. Many old machines have stitches per inch indicated on the stitch length adjuster, but new machines do not. I stay at 12 and never less than 10.
The finish product is so much nicer if you take time to press your seams as you go. It may seem like an unnecessary and time consuming step but the end result is much nicer.
PRESS not IRON your pieces as you go!
Start small! Table runners, placemats, potholders, wall hangings, tote bags are all great day/weekend projects and the perfect place to practice new techniques.

When cutting off starting and ending threads from your quilt, don’t CUT with the scissors as you normally would. Pull the threads UP with the free hand, place the scissors as though you were going to trim close to the quilt, but don’t cut…just wiggle the scissor blade across the thread. Remember the quilt needs a “zinger” so use a surprise… one of the med. to lighter in your darker quilt or a med to darker in a lighter quilt cross the thread.

Quilting should be a fun and enriching experience, and I know so many people who are afraid to start, or give up on it to soon. It’s one craft where a person can get as creative as they want.

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